Why can I not order regular waffle cones? 
The store is not yet setup for waffle cone sales, you can add your email adress to the news letter for futher updates.

I have an ice cream store and would like to order waffle cones, how do I do this?
At this moment the shop is not configured yet for our wholesale customers, for now call us or email us.

Do the mini cones come in other flavors? 
The mini cones only come in one stardard flavors that's between sweet and non sweet.

How long can I keep the cones?
Cones have a shelf life of approx  6 - 9 month when kept wrapped up away from humidity and stored in a dry and cool place.

When does my order ship? 
Your order ships normally within 1 to 2 days. Please use the standard mini cone item # 750 for standard shipping.  Express Request for Mini Cones; use the  Mini Cone item # 750-EXPRESS, this will send the order direct to the Express shipping department. EXPRESS orders placed by 1 PM EST will ship that afternoon. We do not ship on weekends and holidays.